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An open letter to my dear friend and family photographer
I’m sorry for the length of this post. I began writing this letter of gratitude after our session and had the beginning points turning in my mind after the booking session in her studio. I wanted to send this to her privately, on pretty stationary. The more that I thought about it the more I felt that Deanndra deserved for her potential clients to understand the impact her talent and commitment has made to our family. I hope this is okay to post here.

Dear Deanndra,
I wanted to write you a letter of gratitude to try and express in words exactly what you have given to our family and how very much it means to Todd and I. I have never owned my own business and I can’t imagine the struggles you face, I hope that in some way this note can encourage you to reinforce how worth it that your hard work is and why you should always share your amazing talent with the world. 
When people complain about pricing I hope they understand exactly what they are getting and how reasonable your prices really are. We aren’t very high in rank and we have to budget every single dollar to avoid being broke with a family of five. You were so understanding of our monetary constraints and made us feel like a million bucks by the one on one service you provided. You worked with us to plan and purchase the photos our hearts were drawn to and never made us feel like we were an inconvenience. 
Not only that, but the investment we made in you was returned to us a hundred fold in your service and artistic talent. On the way home from the reveal session I had tears in my eyes because you had given me my confidence back. For months I had struggled over and beaten myself up about gaining weight. I worried about how my husband viewed me even though he told me a million times in his eyes I was beautiful. When I saw the pictures you captured I FELT beautiful and I could see in his eyes the same look I saw on our wedding day. When we were overwhelmed with our boys running every direction and thinking we were crazy for even trying, you held it together for us and made it a joy instead of a chore.
I want to thank you for sacrificing time with your family to capture priceless memories of mine. I want to thank you for caring about who we are as a family and giving so much of yourself to capture that instead of seeing us as a price tag. I want to thank you for reminding me that I’m a confident beautiful woman and my husband is still in love with my body, face, and heart. I want to thank you for that moment years from now when my boys are grown men and I look back to your captured photographs during our time in Europe and remember when my sweet boys were little enough to still rock. There will be many moments like that because of you. 
My sweet friend you are more than a photographer, more than a businesswoman, you are a beautiful and kind person. You are blessed with extreme talent as an artist, and the world is blessed to know your talent. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for what you have given our family.

Tiffany and Family


I highly recommend Deanndra(DMX Photography)! 

I am extremely picky with photographers considering I work in the fashion industry and have many to compare to. I work with high fashion photographers all over the world. I (Posh Fairytale Couture) make and design avant garde headdresses and accessories for high fashion photshoots. I am extremely picky when it comes to photographers as I have experience working with so man different types. And I expect nothing less than great from the ones who shoot my family and children. Deanndra is patient, kind, very accommodating and provides quality images. She recently went out of her way to photograph my newest newborn son who was in critical condition in the NICU for 3 weeks after birth at LRMC. And then did a newborn session of him. Her work is exceptional. It's hard to find genuine quality photography these days with friendly service. The passion she has for her work shows and more than exceeds my expectations every time. 

-Rachel S, Ramstein 




Thank you Deanndra, you've been absolutely wonderful! 

You were so very patient

and worked well with our little one during the shoot. You also edited

the photos quickly and beautifully. I will definitely be recommending

you to friends, and look forward to working with you again before we

leave Germany 

                                                         -Angelyn B. Ramstein, Germany





"I am beyond excited and happy that you captured my son's first birthday and my first mother's day with my completed family. You went above and beyond getting those special moments captured so I can always look back on these once in a lifetime moments of me and my family. I love your attention to detail and how you personalize the smallest of details. The moments you have captured for me always make me smile, some make me laugh and I know when I'm older and reflecting back on my babies, the photographs will make me cry. Thank you for all that you have done and I can't wait for future photo shoots of our family!!"
                  -Christine R. Ramstein, Germany


I arrived in Germany back in October and have been looking for a photographer since then! I grew discouraged because coming from El Paso I had an awesome photographer that had awesome quality so I knew what right looked like. I honestly thought that I'd have to give in to some of these photographers whose pictures looked like they took them from their phones----that's until I miraculously found DMX Photography! From the moment I saw her portfolio I fell in love! I couldn't believe the price for the quality!!!!! She worked with my last minute scheduling and the actual session was phenomenal!!! The final look was even better!!! i couldn't believe how good i looked! :) I feel so totally blessed to have found her and I know that we will become like family as we continue to work together!!!! I'm so ready to book my next session!!! Don't look any further!!!! DMX is your way to go!!!! You WON'T regret it!!!!
                                                      -Carmen R. Ramstein, Germany





"I cannot be more thrilled with the pictures that Deanndra took for us! We haven't had a family shot taken with the 4 of us, so these are all really special moments for us. THANK YOU a million & 1 times over Deanndra! And friends, if you haven't already done so, check out DMX Photography! Her work clearly speaks for itself!"

-Chloe U., Germany




"We did a family/first birthday shoot in the middle of October. To say the weather didn't cooperate is an understatement. It rained the day before and it was so cold and windy the day of but despite that Deanndra was AMAZING! She worked quickly but efficiently so we could keep my little guy warm. The shots she got are gorgeous and you can't tell that it was cold or windy. The other thing I LOVED is how well she kept the attention of my one year old. This is no small feat. He is very easily distracted and she kept him interested until the end. I highly recommend DMX Photography for your photography needs! We will absolutely be calling her again!"

-Shaton W., Germany
"Deanndra thank you so much for our beautiful family pictures. I have never in my life seen someone that can create magical pictures the way that you do. We are forever grateful to have our precious memories captured in your art."
-Rita S, Germany
"So I looked at the gallery and OH MY GOSH! I am in love with you.... They are so amazing if I could just have you fallow us around and get pictures every day of our lives I would hang every single one all over my house it would be wallpaper made of your pictures. I'm in love with them they are looking so amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!"
-Diana B., Germany
"I wish you were in Texas because we would love to have our maternity photos done by you!!! I've had a certain style stuck in my head and you have it! Finding a great photographer is so difficult! Keep up the awesome work." 
-Precious Peck, Texas
"Thank you so much for doing my sons smash cake session!!! You were so sweet and I appreciate how willing you were to work with him when he was having a meltdown! You do amazing work!! I recommend you to everyone!" 

-Erin K, Germany




"We did a fall family photo shoot in September and absolutely LOVE our photos! We had a wonderful experience as we have a toddler who usually doesn't cooperate for pictures so I was nervous. Deanndra was wonderful and patient and kept our toddler interested! Even though most of the session we let our toddler run around and do her own thing we got amazing photos! Can't wait to do another session" 

Amber F., Germany




"I just wanted to share how impressed I was with your work! The shoot was so much fun and I loved that you got my husband to smile for pictures. Lol it's more than I've ever gotten. I had a lot of fun on the set and I loved that we were able to work in all the poses and props we had talked about before. I loved how they all turned out!! I can't wait for Isabella to be here so we can work together again in the future! Thank you so much again!!" 

-Jessica L., Germany




"DMX Photography

 Photo Shoot Date: Fall 2012

Photo Shoot Type: Family Photos

Price: *****

Scheduling: *****

Product: *****

Over All Experience: *****

Comments: Deanndra is an amazing, upbeat,

artistic photographer, with a vision that will blow your mind. During

sessions she is very patient and great with kids. She is also very flexible with

location, time, and anything in particular you might be looking for (your

vision). Deanndra is a great communicator and always has a positive

attitude! Her editing skills are very professional. The finished product is

breathtaking! ;)"

-Christina K -Ramstein 




“I had a blast during our photoshoot! As always, being in

front of the camera, you have no idea how much

you boost my spirits and confidence!

your passion for photography is infectious"

Brittany L. - RAB, Germany 




"Deanndra is very passionate about photography, she doesn’t just take pictures, she creates a timeless memory you will enjoy forever.”
Patricia A. - Alb, NM





"Deanndra (DMX) is a great photographer! I've never seen such  beautiful pictures like hers. You can see the love she has for her work."
Gaby A. - Trier, Germany





"Deanndra (DMX) is amazing!!!! One of the best I have seen....and one I'm willing to put my money on"
Christina K. - RAB, Germany





“I enjoyed my photoshoot with Deanndra so much! She was so accommodating and listened to what I was looking for with the backgrounds and settings for my photos. She also was diligent and patient, taking the time to get enough shots so she could ensure she would capture the very best for the shoot. I never felt rushed or like she was wanting to just get the shoot over with. She spent the whole day with me, making sure I was happy and that she would have plenty of options. She was also on top of her editing and got me the finished product back much quicker than I anticipated! The only problem is that she lives in Germany and I can't use her skills and expertise for my shoots!  Other than that, she's one of the best out there! Love her!”
Alicia P. - Alb, NM





“I always had an excellent time when working with Deanndra! I shot many artistic photos with her and always felt very comfortable and the photos always came out great!! She knows how to work well with use of natural light or studio lights!”
Mischa B. - Alb, NM




“This was our first photo shoot and we had a blast. Deanndra's patience really made a difference for us as first time parents, she was very welcoming and professional. Her creative style and her unique ideas/props made for a great photo shoot experience... And of course the pictures turned out adorable!”
Adriana E. – Ramstein, Germany




“Deanndra (DMX photography) has been one of the most amazing experiences we have had working with a photographer. Not only do you feel as though you are long lost friends but with her skill, no matter the situation, she is able to get amazing shots. She adds personal touch to everything and has so many fail-proof ideas. She brings to life things that I would have never thought possible. It is one thing to have you or your family's photo taken and another to have your images brought to life. Thank you Deanndra for being so wonderful with our baby girl and making every time be such a wonderful experience!”
Lori V. – Ramstein, Germany




“Deanndra Xaynhachack made my experience with my son's first photo shoot unbelievable. She had so many ideas and was so good with coordinating with my son who was 4 month old at the time. Not only was she great taking the pictures but she made sure I liked everything she captured, and once she edited everything I was blown away! She caught the most beautiful pictures of my little man. No other photo shoot has even compared to the one I had with De and I cant wait until she is back on state side one day so I can have that award winning experience!”
Maria A. - Alb, NM




“Deanndra did great with my maternity shoot!! She used a bunch of different poses and props. I also wanted my 3 year old in the maternity shots and she did great with getting him in there! She is super friendly and you'll laugh the whole time you're getting your pictures done. Thanks Deanndra!”
Brittany S. - Ramstein, Germany




“I had a great time this was my first photo shoot with her the photos came out gorgeous better than I ever imagined! Very professional and did everything that I wanted done even when my son was being hard head and not cooperating..... already booked her for another photo shoot can't wait! Keep up the good work!”

Vanessa B. – Ramstein, Germany




“I’ve done two photo shoots with DMX. I’ve done one photo shoot for my hubby when he was deployed it was so much fun and my other was a family shoot before she moved to a new base. I cant wait to have  her do another shoot for us, I just need to PCS to where she is ;-)”
Cassandra R. – Washington