Stories of Autism

Our Mission:
Awareness, Acceptance, Inclusion


I am so excited to announce I am now a volunteer photographer over at Stories of Autism!!!

"Stories of Autism is dedicated to heightening autism awareness through the exhibition of its portraits and stories of children and adults on the autism spectrum. The project strives to achieve this through independent exhibitions of its work and by partnering with other organizations whose goals align with this mission."

Every month I will be photographing a child or an adult on the spectrum and asking them and their families about their story! They will be posted on Stories of Autism in hopes of  bringing awareness, acceptance, and more support from the community.  

"Autism is one word attempting to describe millions of different stories."-Unkown




My oldest son, Kato, is autistic.  When I read about Stories of Autism
on one of the pages I 
actively follow, I knew I had to reach out to them right away!  
I am so happy I did! I am honored to be included in this amazing network of professional photographers and I hope that through my photographs, I can spread awareness to the community and in turn bring more acceptance and inclusion towards all the amazing individuals with autism!

I would love to hear from you if you or your loved one is on the spectrum!
I will be photographing one (or multiple if their siblings are autistic as well) exceptional subject(s) who are on the spectrum every month!  I will share their story, their picture and I will also be gifting a high-resolution edited digital image and an 8x10 print for allowing me the absolute honor in capturing their story!

Please e-mail me so I can join in on your adventure!