From left to right: Kevin, Kai (on his shoulders) Akira, Deanndra (me) and Kato (on my back)

Hello and Welcome!
We are the Xaynhachack family! Our last name is pronounced Cyan-Chalk, hence where our little farm gets it's name!

We are your new neighbors and we couldn't be more excited! A little about us; Kevin and I both served in the US Air Force. Our family loves to travel, play board games, and spend quality time together. We do all this while working on our little farm. Running a farm has been our dream come true, with this adventure we get to share our love and passion for organic, farm fresh produce with you and your family. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

See our fun about us video we made in 2017 Here.

(iMG of chickens coming soon!)