A session with DMX Photography is more than just a click of a button; from sitting over coffee to discuss your perfect session, meeting for play dates so your children are comfortable and expect nothing but fun, to shopping for the absolutely perfect outfits, a session with DMX is a luxurious experience you won’t find anywhere else.  The fun starts from the moment you book your session and continues on after the big day.  A few short weeks after your session, you will return to the studio for delicious cake and to “ooh and ahh” over just how amazing your family looks.  We will talk about the perfect way to proudly display your family on your wall for all who visit to admire!

There is something wonderful about seeing your family on your wall…seeing each other smiling & laughing, the connection and unique bond you share, remembering that silly moment that brought the happiness forward.  When your children see themselves on the wall, they see how much they are loved, they feel more confident, and they feel like an important member of the family.

Portraits on your wall express the powerful love you and your family share. This is why I work so hard to get to know your family and provide an unforgettable experience, the important memories captured with exceptional museum quality portraiture – because it is so much more than just a picture. These images are a way to proudly showcase your love, your family’s unique bond, and your heart.


May these portraits on your wall immortalize a special moment in your family’s life.

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DMX photography is an award winning photographer located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.