DMX Photography is moving to Albuquerque and we are in need of talented, high-end hair and makeup artists! We love to pamper our clients and want them to feel and look their best during their session. We plan to hire multiple hair and makeup artists to give our clients options to best suit their styles and to always make sure someone is available during their session date.

Large family posing

We’ve had the pleasure of talking with Kabeyo Hair Studio and Alexis Cardiel and hope to get a few more amazing artists to work with as well.

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We are moving from Ramstein, Germany

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back to our hometown Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Sandia Mountains

We are excited for the smell of green chile,  the International Balloon Fiesta, and The State Fair! But what we miss most is the food!!!!!  I would currently kill for some great guacamole! Mmmm, or even Crunchy Shrimp sushi at Asian Noodle Bar, Crepes from Crepé Crepé,  crab legs at Crackin’ Crab, a slush from Sonic, orange chicken from Panda express and pretty much all fast food restaurants imaginable!

Aside from the endless good food, we miss the gorgeous sunsets. We have traveled all around the world and to this day we agree, Albuquerque has THE BEST sunsets. When the light hits the Sandia Mountains just right, it takes your breath away.

We are excited to be surrounded by the New Mexican charm again and to start up DMX Photography in Albuquerque. Help us out by getting the word out! Please share the news with your friends and family. Keep an eye out on our blog or facebook page for some big news and possibly a session giveaway. We are also looking to hire hair and makeup artists! So if you, or someone you know, is a professional hair and makeup artist, check out our H&MUA Wanted blog post here and share it with them!

Here at DMX Photography we know first hand the commitment required to serve our country. From living overseas, being away from family, constantly PCSing, TDY’s and deployments we just want to say a very big THANK YOU to you and your loved ones. We are proud to provide special military offers to those who currently serve, have served and retired from the military. Contact us today to book your session.

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Deanndra’s husband Served in the US Air Force. Learn more about Deanndra and her family here. And watch their welcome home video by Tiffany Hudson Films below.


First and foremost BE YOU!
Your clothing choices should allow you to be yourself and reflect your family


The hardest family member to dress tends to be MOM. As a mom myself I know we tend to forget that we are important too! Remember how we look is just as important as everyone else! It’s easy to dress the kiddos! They look adorable in everything! And husbands, well lets face it, they are the easiest to dress! So start with mom!! Choose an outfit that you (mom) look beautiful in! You want to feel confident, beautiful and love the way you feel in this outfit! If you feel amazing, you will shine and look amazing! If mama is happy, everyone is happy! Once you decide on an outfit, you can create a complimenting color palette and be able to choose the rest of the family’s outfits from there!


mom copy

Once you find the outfit that looks amazing on you, you can decide on the style of your pictures! Is it more laid back? Fancy? Retro? Continue with your outfit’s style for the rest of the family!


Once your outfit is picked, choose a color palette. Choose up to 4 colors that will compliment your outfit! Coordinate, but don’t match! If everyone has complimenting colors from the color pallet it will be a lot more visually interesting to the eyes. Remember, each family member does not have to wear every color from the color palette. Below the mom chose a Plum shirt and dark jeans making the start of the color palette plum & navy. This left room for up to two complimenting colors to put in the rest of the family’s outfits. This family ended up choosing a three color palette.

outfits 2 copy


While your preferences may be different, it is best to dress in timeless and classic looks that will last through the years. Wearing clothes that are too trendy might mean your pictures will look outdated in a matter of months or years. If you choose clothes that have looked good for years, the photos will likely continue to look good and up-to-date for years to come. Sticking to timeless looks will let your subjects’ personalities shine through. This does not apply if there is a vintage, retro or specific theme in mind that calls for a non timeless look.


A great way to pop from you background and add visual interest in your photos is with patterns. When choosing patterns stick to one pattern or a max of two complimenting patterns. For example in the image below, the daughter is in a bold flower print shirt and the mother has a subtle striped pattern in her dress. The outfits share the same color palette, and most importantly they do not take focus away from one another. From a distance, the stripes almost blend into the dress. To further compliment the two patterns, the husband and son below wore non-patterned shirts in the color scheme.

outfits 4 copy



Nothing draws the eye to a photo like differences. Two easy ways to add fun differences to a photo are layers and different textures.

  • Layers offer different aspects to a photo in several different ways. Subjects can take on and take off layers for different looks in each photo, and layers add a nice bit of color variation.
  • Different fabrics and accessories can give much needed texture to a photo.  Look for pieces of clothing with embroidered details, lace collars or accents, ribbons, ruffles, and other fun textures.  These types of different textures show up well in color photos, giving a nice pop of personality.  Plan your outfits and layers to match your vision for the photo and what brings out your subjects’ personalities and styles

Casual copy



Accessories are often just what a photo needs to take it from drab to engaging. Don’t limit yourself to jewelry when you think about accessories for your session.  There’s plenty to choose from for both sexes and all ages—outerwear, jewelry, hats, headbands, flowers in a girl’s hair, scarves, and more.

You want to use a light hand when it comes to accessorizing. Too many accessories, especially if they are big or bright, can overwhelm a photo and take the focus off what is really important—your subjects! This is particularly true for little ones. Their unique personalities and beauty need to be allowed to shine through, not be overshadowed by a gigantic headband or overdone accessories. Remember, accessories are just there to enhance what your subjects are bringing to the photo—their personality and beauty.




Everything that is worn or used in a photography session affects the look and feel of each photo, which includes shoes. Do NOT let shoes and footwear be an overlooked part of your outfit planning. A pair of shoes that does not fit in with the rest of a photo can distract from the picture.
 Unless you have tennis shoes that are unique and fun enough to fit in with the vibe of a session, you may want to consider other footwear options for your pictures.

Shoes, when matched with accessories that other subjects in the photo are wearing, can tie a photo together. For women, ballet flats come in almost every color. Choosing a pair of flats that fit in with the color scheme is a great way to make a photo look great and add a burst of color. Bright yellow ballet flats can match a man’s yellow tie or a little girl’s headband. This creates a unified feel in a photo without making it too cutesy.

NOTE!! Make sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes, many of the locations call for a lot of walking! You don’t want to get too tired or ruin your shoes before getting the perfect shot!


As you plan out your photography session, remember to think about where and how pictures will be displayed. If you are planning on displaying photos on your living room wall, tie the colors and setup of your photos to the color scheme of the room. Photos that will go up in a child’s room should emulate the fun, playful spirit of children and capture the age of your children. Pictures that will be used for invitations, Christmas cards, or announcements, keep the smaller display size of the photo in mind. Small details may get lost in a smaller photo, so use bold accessories that will show up in a 4 x 6 photo.

Vintage inspired copy


*Avoid florescent and Neon colors and anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc. These tend to take the “finished” look of a professional portrait down and can be distracting.

*Do NOT dye or cut your hair days before a session!  Just in case tragedy strikes, make sure you have enough days to fix it or to let the hair cut grow out a week or so in order to look most natural, in order to avoid taking photos with a bad hair cut!

*Refrain from making everyone wear all the same color. Coordinate colors and looks, letting everyone have their own spin on the color palette for a more fun and visually stimulating photo!

*Buyer beware!  Remember the colors of your outfit(s) that you see on your screen are not always accurate. The “blues” (or other colors) from various outfits may appear to match online but once you finally receive them you may notice they are completely different shades!

*While trying to stay current and fashionable, do avoid obvious trends that will be dated soon. You can do fashion forward while still remaining timeless.

*No bright white socks and no sneakers unless it’s something fashion forward and simple like Converse or Vans. And also be sure to remove watches or jewelry not complementary to the session’s look.

Always remember if you have any questions,  need my opinion, or assistance with choosing outfits don’t hesitate to contact me! I am more than happy to help.

Tips On How To Dress For Your Body Type:


What’s My Shape?

Body Shape Style Tips

The Perfect Fit for you Dress

Curvy Shape Stylist



*Stitch Fix -First fashion retailer to have a personal stylist help choose the perfect wardrobe. Super fun!

*ModCloth -My absolute favorite place to shop for me (also great home decor items)!

*KoKo Blush -My favorite place to shop for my daughter,  sons and for props!

* My Little Jules -Another favorite to find name brands at a great prices!

*Zulily -Great place to get name brands for the whole family at an affordable price

*Etsy -Etsy is a great place to get custom and unique outfits for the kiddos!



*what to wear images by Inspire Me Baby

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